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Privacy Policy

With this Notice ELICA PHARMA Ltd. asks to notify all its clients and partners about the measures taken to protect the personal data during their processing. ELICA PHARMA Ltd. is obliged to comply with the legislation in force regarding the protection of personal data and appoints an official responsible for the implementation of internal data protection procedures.

ELICA PHARMA Ltd. processes personal data in order to provide better, more quality and more diverse products and services. ELICA PHARMA Ltd. processes data for making reservations, registering hotel guests, ensuring the security of the hotel. ELICA PHARMA Ltd. processes personal data related to the physical identity (name, PIN, address, place of birth, telephone, passport data, etc.) of the hotel guests.

For the processing of personal data Elica Pharma Ltd. uses partially automated algorithms and methods to constantly improve the products and services offered to adapt products and services to individual needs in the best possible way.

In connection with the fulfillment of its obligations as a service provider, ELICA PHARMA Ltd. has implemented the necessary technical and organizational measures against unauthorized or illegal processing, access, delivery, copying, modification, storage, reproduction, display or distribution of personal data.

Personal data shall be stored for the period necessary to meet the purposes for which it was provided, the final settlement of all financial obligations and the expiry of the statutory obligations to store the data, such as obligations under the Tourism Act under the Storage and Processing Accounts Act of accounting data (10 years), of the Obligations and Contracts Act, limitation periods for the submission of claims (5 years), of obligations to provide information to the court, competent state bodies, etc. grounds provided by current legislation (5 years).Data for which there is no longer a legitimate processing goal or other legal requirement are deleted and destroyed, paper-based data are destroyed mechanically, and data on an electronic medium is deleted.

Elica Pharma Ltd. provides personal data to third parties, the main purpose being to offer quality, fast and complex services. No personal data is provided to third parties before ELICA PHARMA Ltd. is satisfied that all technical and organizational measures have been taken to protect this data. Personal data are provided to data processors on behalf of ELICA PHARMA Ltd. (postal operators, tour operators, persons supporting equipment, software and hardware, authorities, institutions and persons to whom personal data are provided under current legislation, payment service providers, providers of paper and / or electronic destruction services).

Every individual has the right to access personal data relating to him or her, to object to the processing of his or her personal data and to require the controller to erase, correct, block or provide third parties with his or her personal data. The individual has the right to withdraw his / her consent to the processing of personal data and to complain at any time to the Personal Data Protection Commission.


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