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Hotel regulation

 Dear guests of Elica Hotel,

We kindly ask you to respect our hotel regulations in order to have you and our guests nice and pleasant stay in Varna.
1.      Smoking in the rooms or internal parts is strictly forbidden.
2.      Don’t make any noise, especially during the rest hours between 2PM and 4PM, and after 11PM
3.      Check-out is until 12PM in date of departure and it’s important to inform receptionist on duty that you are leaving.
4.      If you need to stay after 12PM, you need to inform Reception earlier, if it’s possible to stay. Every hour after 12PM will cost you 10BGN per hour until 4PM. After that – you need to pay full amount of one night staying.
5.      Taking out hotel property (towels, blankets, sheets and etc.) is forbidden.
6.      Stains from makeup, hair dye, henna, tattoos, tanning lotions, shoe polish on towels, sheets, blankets will NOT be washed and you will be charged for damage.
7.      Do not use electrical appliances in the room! If you need ironing, contact reception.
8.      It is no allowed to bring food in the hotel rooms. You can consume the products in the hotel’s lobby bar.
9.      Your guests are allowed until 10PM in your hotel room. After that, you can greet them to the lobby bar.
10.   Any additional questions regarding the hotel policy, please, contact Reception.

Fire Instructions!


Dear Guests, we kindly ask you:

1.       Do not use your own heating or gas utensils.

2.       Do your ironing only at the designated places and switch-off the iron after using it.

3.       When leaving your room, switch-off the TV set, electric lamps, etc.

4.       Do not cover your reading lamps with inflammable tissues.

In case of fire:

1.       Immediately inform the receptionist.

2.       Press the button of the manual fire-alarm, as shown on the scheme.

3.       Leave the hotel and help others to do it.

4.       If possible, without taking risk, try to extinguish the fire with the fire extinguishers.

When the fire-alarm is on:

1.       Leave the premises through the fire escape, as shown on the scheme.

2.       Do NOT block the fire exits.

3.       Do NOT return to the building.

4.       Gather at the designated place, as instructed by administration.

5.       Follow all the instructions of the administration immediately and accurately.


We wish you a nice staying!




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